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Aurélie Gilmard

Aurélie Gilmard was born on October 30, 1986. She has been immersed in music from her childhood.

At the age of eight she had her first piano lessons at the Academy of Music in Ciney. Her piano teacher was called Bernard Goblet .

In June 2004 she got her diplom with the grade « Excellent » and she received the «  Medal of the Town » in Ciney. At that moment the young pianist decided to devote herself fully to music so she registered at the IMEP (Higher Institute of Music and Pedagogy) in Namur.

Mrs Jacqueline Lecarte has been her piano teacher for five years.

During her training as a pianist Aurélie got very interesting and useful advice from Messrs Roberto Giordano, Eric Heidsieck, Florian Wieck and Christian Beldi (masterclasses).

She also took part in several advanced training courses with Mrs Jacqueline Lecarte , Mrs Chantal Bohets , Mr Christian Beldi and Mr Etienne Rappe.

In June 2009 Aurélie graduated as a piano teacher (specialized in instrumental education, keyboards courses) with « High Grade ».

She took part in different competitions such as : Edouard Bastin(Ciney), EPTA (Jambes) and Grétry (Liège).

In October 2009 she won the second prize at the « Charlier » competition in Charleroi.

In December 2009 she played the Concerto in G of Maurice Ravel with the IMEP orchestra conducted by Mr Jean- François Chamberlan.

Since 2009 she has been working  with the violonist Elena Lavrenova. She regularly performs in chamber music (violin-piano duo, clarinet-piano duo, lieder etc) and in piano solo. Recently, she was selected to play in Verona ( Italy) in the "Tim" competition.

Aurélie loves chamber music and is also interested in pedagogy.


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25 octobre 2015
Concert à Bouge, Eglise du Moulin-à-Vent (Place des Tilleuls, 1) à 16h

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